Are you being Played by “The Easy Player?”

The Easy Player:
This player is the easiest to spot. I call him the Easy Player because everything comes to him easy. Women swoon over him and he never had to make an effort to get women. He is extremely handsome and has always been. As a child he was extremely cute. By the time he became a teenager he had girls falling all over him. This kind of player has never had to work to get women, so intellectually he’s not going to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Men like this have coasted on their good looks their entire life. If you have ever been with this type of player, think back as to how you met. Most likely, you made the first move to meet him. At most, he may have thrown a basic line your way to see if you had any interest. That’s the most he will ever do though because he doesn’t need to do anything else.
He’s usually in excellent shape and was a jock in high school. Because he’s coasted throughout life on his good looks, he’s never had a need to expand his mind and learn things. As far as Players go, he’s the most one dimensional. He will also be narcissistic and think only of himself, or at the very least, put his needs way before yours. Don’t expect the sex to be good since he will be solely focused on getting his orgasm and going to sleep afterwards. If you climax, it’s incidental and consider yourself lucky to have had an orgasm.
Don’t mistake the Easy Player with the late bloomer though. The late bloomer is simply a guy that came into his own, as a man, later in life. Guys like this are inherently more cerebral because they didn’t have the good looks in their teen years to coast on. He may have had bad acne as a teen, been too skinny or chubby, and eventually discovered good nutrition and weight training. He eventually had a growth spurt, or transformed his body into its current form. He will be humble to a fault depending on how hard his teen years were. Incidentally, as long as his self-esteem transformed along with his body and face, he will make the best long term partner. To learn more about this and all the other Players click here

Have you Encountered this Player Type? The Perpetual Child

This Player is easy to spot, he’s the one that refuses to grow up and still acts like he’s sixteen years old.

Don’t let the fact that he earns a handsome living as an executive, dresses in the latest designer jeans, and sports a very expensive watch fool you.  This is only window dressing.  Scratch the surface, and you’ll discover a man that is merely chronologically in his 30’s or 40’s (yes even in his 50’s) but developmentally he’s still just a teenager

He’s deep in his 30’s or 40’s and in some instances, he will still makes the time to play his video games, and take the skateboard out for a spin.  His weekends are usually reserved for “the boys” and “the big game.”

It’s important  for you to determine the developmental age of the man you’re dating as soon as possible.  In order for you to better understand the difference between Chronological Age, and Developmental Age.

Chronological Age: The actual amount of years the person has been alive.  If a man is 30 years old, he’s been on this planet for thirty years.

Developmental Age:  The age at which the person sees and responds to the world.  Many people never get past the teen years developmentally since they still see, and respond to events in their lives in exactly the same way that they did when they were in their teen years.  People wrongfully assume that because someone is 30 years old that they see, and respond to a person who has been alive thirty years, with ever growing understanding of the world, people, and how things truly work.  So the question to ask yourself when dating a new man is…. does he have 30 years of life experience, or 1 year repeated 30 times?

At first, the Perpetual Child Player can be a lot of fun for a girl that’s been used to dating stuffy men.  He’s so crazy, and fun, and is always up for a party.  Hell, most of the time, he is the life of the party.  He’ll be the first one to go on a road trip with you at the drop of a dime.

After a while though, you’ll begin to realize that something is missing.  He has no career goals or path.  He’s usually content with earning enough money to fund his hobbies, and play time, but you’ll never hear him talk about planning for the future, much less retirement.  Don’t count on having children with him.  He IS the child, and is way too self-centered to ever think of having to put someone else’s needs before his.

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