Your Desires, Cravings and Needs Are His Tools to Seduce You

Once he knows what your deepest desires are, he can then present himself as if you can get those needs completely fulfilled if you go out with him. Some Players will deliver immediately on their promise to fulfill your desires, while others will string you along for the entire duration of your relationship. He’ll keep letting you think that “it’s just around the corner babe. Hang in there.” Of course you wait and wait and he never delivers.
Let me pause now for a moment to point out an important distinction. There ARE men out there who TRULY want to give you the WORLD. They will go to Hell and back for you because they love you that much. So give these guys some credit, and time to make things happen. So, how do you tell the difference between a man that actually wants to fulfill your desires, versus a Player that is just stringing you along? One word: ACTIONS! The sincere man will be doing something that you can see, to fulfill your desires. A Player, will talk, and talk, and talk, and never lift a finger.
Don’t underestimate the power of this tactic. Politicians get elected time and time again by promising their constituents whatever they want. Of course they never fulfill ANY of the desires of their electorate, yet people still fall for the games, deceit and lies. Why? Because we can easily become blinded by our emotions when we deeply want something.
The best antidote to keep a Player from using your desires to manipulate you is to be so complete as a woman, that you don’t NEED him to help you get anything. If you desire financial security, learn what it takes to create multiple streams of income. If you desire Love, surround yourself with loving healthy people that help fulfill part of that desire. Of course, the love of friends, family, and even a pet isn’t the same as the love of a man that you’re in a committed relationship with, however, having SOME love in your life will make you less likely to get used and abused.
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